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Thank you for your interest in joining the Australian Play Alliance!

Here’s what “joining” means.

You think play and/or the playful arts (games, toys, play spaces and equipment, etc) are important: This is the crux of it – and pretty much the extent of it! You’re interested in some aspect(s) of these two things, and you want us to keep you in the loop about efforts (ours and others’) to help them get proper recognition.

That’s all! Everything that follows is about what signing up doesn’t mean. If you’re already familiar with this, click here to jump to registration.

No obligations: Signing up here means only that you will be kept informed about what we’re doing as you indicate that this is relevant to you. This may lead to opportunities to help promote games/toys/playful arts, and/or play itself, whether through volunteer work, in-kind support, or financially; but there is no requirement that you should ever take any such opportunities.

No representation without permission: Registering does not entitle the Alliance to speak on your behalf. We might invite you to explicitly endorse specific statements about the importance of play, but those will always be opt-in, and you will know in advance what you’re signing up for.

You will have the option to tell us whether you’d like the fact that you’ve registered with us to be public, but unless you opt in to that, your membership will not be disclosed.

At some point we might mention some aggregate numbers about how many people have signed up. If we do, we will be clear that this only means that X number of people/companies/non-profits/institutions are particularly interested in play and the playful arts, not that we necessarily speak for that many.

No spam and no irrelevant contact: Finally, we won’t use the contact details you give us to spam you, or send you stuff unrelated to play, games, toys, and so on; nor will we give or sell them to anyone else (although obviously they will go through the internet providers we are using to do all this! Those include iiNet, WordPress, and Google), except as compelled to by law. We know you’re not signing up for spam, and we’ll do our best to make sure you don’t get any.

If you ever want to unsubscribe, just email us to say so.

And if you want to register via email, we can do that too: contact us via registration [@t] australianplayalliance.org, preferably with the subject “Australian Play Alliance registration”.

If you’re happy with all of this, click here to join the Alliance! And thanks again.

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